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Dear Friends of Kagyu Dakshang Chuling,

From the 2002 summer meeting in Venerable Lama Tsang Tsing’s garden, when the opportunity to purchase a larger Dharma Center first arose, to the present, the process and progress has been amazing. Through the efforts of so many individuals, both physically and financially, we were able to purchase the present location and convert its double garage into a beautifully appointed, welcoming and traditional “Lha-kang” (shrine room). Since completion, weekly pujas, teachings and empowerments have continued to take place under the careful guidance of our precious Lama. Life is truly but a dream.

It is now Venerable Lama Tsang Tsing’s and the Board’s fervent wish that we put our thoughts and energy into the next phase of this remarkable journey by paying off the remaining principal on the new Center. By doing so, KDC can use the funds that would have gone toward paying off the interest solely for Dharma activities, ensuring that Ven. Lama Tsang Tsing and KDC continue to have an impact on the local community, as well as Buddhist communities up and down the West Coast. Lama envisions that KDC remain, financially unhindered, as a place of Dharma practice and study for many years to come.

Along with the outpouring of generous donations for the original purchase, several large five-year pledges were made. These have now been completed. To date, $100,000 remains to be paid on the mortgage. KDC would like to have this sum paid off within the next twenty-four months. “How can such a large a sum be raised?” you might ask. Knowing that two thirds of this amount was raised for the original down payment within the short period of two months, it is easy to imagine that we can accomplish this new goal. For example, if 1,000 people donated $100 each, the goal would be met. Here are some examples of how we can succeed:

* make a donation in installments
* make a one-time donation
* establish a monetary challenge
* establish a matching fund

Let’s join together and make this goal a reality.

Please make checks payable to KDC Building Fund and mail to:

KDC Building Fund
c/o Kathleen Epstein
33482 Bloomberg Road
Eugene, Oregon 97405

For further information or questions, please call Kathleen Epstein at 541-746-6459. Thank you for your generous consideration.



Howard Epstein, Board Member